Cheap Europe VPS – As low as 1 euro a month

Cheap europe VPS

You will find a lot of VPS providers when searching the internet, most of them are very expensive. This time I will show you how to get cheap europe VPS with very low budget. From this site you will get a decent virtual server with many OS choices. When you select annual payments, you will only pay 0,99 eur/month for their lowest plan. Even with monthly payments, it is still only 1,99 eur/month. You can pay with credit card, paypal or bitcoins. Their servers are located in Europe, Lithuania. They…

How to get free bitcoins – Up to 200 usd in BTC per hour!

How to get free bitcoins

How to get free bitcoins There are numerous of ways, for gaining bitcoins online. Today I will show you one where you can win up to 200$ in bitcoins every hour. If you do not have a BTC Wallet, you may create one in Blockchain. After having a wallet, register here. You will get 0.00000074 BTC – 0.07364041 BTC every hour just by solving captcha and one click after that. You can also gamble your BTC and win in their bitcoin lottery, everything for free!

Hack wifi with Kali Linux and Wifite – How To Tutorial

How to hack wifi

Ethical hacking or penetration testing tutorial about how to hack WiFi with Kali Linux using automated wireless auditor called wifite. About Wifite Wifite is an automated wireless hacking script, and very easy to use. It can do all types of most common WiFi attacks. So, let’s fire up Kali Linux, where Wifite is pre-installed. You might also want to check out this guide: How to install Kali Linux on VMWare Player How to hack wifi with kali linux and wifite If you want to attack with WPA/WPA2 attack and try…

How to install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 16.04 VPS

how to install lamp stack on ubuntu

A quick guide on “How to install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 16.04 VPS [PHP, MYSQL, APACHE2] Done this yet? You should do it before you install LAMP stack on Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Setup Update your package list and install Apache2 sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install apache2 Open up /etc/apache2/apache2.conf with your favorite text editor and set your Global ServerName sudo nano /etc/apache2/apache2.conf Add the following line somewhere to the file. ServerName your_domain or ip_address Save and close. Check for syntax errors and restart apache sudo apache2ctl configtest If…

How to install Kali Linux on VMWare Player

How to install kali linux on vmware player

This is a simple step by step guide. You will learn “How to install kali linux on VMWare Workstation Player” About VMWare Workstation Player It is free only for personal purposes. There is also available more advanced version called “VMWare Workstation. VMWare Workstation Player install on linux (Debian based, ubuntu etc.) Download it, Click here Open your downloads folder with terminal cd ~/Downloads Then we need to change file permissions to make it executable, find the file with your file manager and copy the name. chmod a+x VMware-Player-yourversionhere.bundle Execute it…

Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Setup – Easy step by step guide

Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Setup

What to do after buying an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS? Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Setup Lets get to Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Setup. First of all of course, you should login to your server. With windows you can use PuTTy, with linux, open terminal and type in ssh [email protected]_server_ip After that, we will create a new user and add it to “sudoers” group so we do not have to use root. You should never login with root remotely because it is a great security risk for your server. Replace “yourusername” with the username…