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10 Great Gnome shell extensions to try | Gnome extensions

This post is all about making your desktop look fancy and that’s why I will recommend you some great Gnome shell extensions. I have also posted earlier about Gnome 3 desktop customization, be sure to check it out too. All these extensions are in Gnome extensions site. You can install them by one click with […]

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Install Hydra on Linux | Debian | Mint | Ubuntu | Latest version

Today I am going to show how to install Hydra on Linux. Hydra is a powerful penetration testing tool. It allows you to brute force almost anything. Please note that all of the tutorials here regarded on penetration testing and ethical hacking are only meant for testing and/or educational purposes. Do not harm anyone’s devices […]

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How to install Nvidia drivers Debian 9 | Detect GPU for correct driver

This is a tutorial “How to install Nvidia drivers Debian 9”. You will learn how to install correct drivers for your Nvidia GPU on Debian 9/GNU Linux. Also I will be showing you how you can detect the the current GPU with nvidia-detect. How to install Nvidia drivers Debian 9 First, make sure your system […]

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Best Torrent Apps 2018 | For Linux & Windows | Open Source

This article will contain the best torrent apps 2018 for Linux and also Windows. Some of these best torrent apps will be available also for MacOS. I am a guy who respect open source software, and no ads in my applications. So that’s the way we are headed. µTorrent is one of the most popular […]


Earn up to 100$ by writing an article about Linux or something nerdy

It’s competition time! I’ve decided to set up a little competition. You can really win a small amount (or big for some) of money. Participating is easy. You just have to write me an article about something related to technology, you can decide yourself what it will be. For example: About Linux, Windows, MacOS, Ethical […]

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Software alternatives for Linux & Windows – Open Source

You’re probably looking for common Windows software alternatives for Linux. Or perhaps just open source alternatives for Windows software? Now you might be asking yourself: Why can’t I just pirate everything and use the paid programs? If you did, ask yourself this question: Why wouldn’t I help the open source developers by using their software […]

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Common Linux problems with their fixes – Submit yours

Common Linux problems with their fixes. Not a usual post, but I thought that this might help some people. Yes, I know that Stack Overflow, Ask Ubuntu and bunch of other websites are made for this, but why not? I promise that I will post here every problem that I will face with its fix. […]

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Android Remote Administration Tool for Linux & Windows | AhMyth

This is a tutorial about AhMyth Android Remote Administration Tool for Linux and Windows. Here you will learn how to install it and use it. This could be a good tool for monitoring your minor child movements and actions with his/her mobile device. Note that even monitoring your kid might be illegal in your country. […]

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Best gaming laptops 2018 | Based on specs and design

Best gaming laptops of 2018? Well these are something that are the best in my opinion. My opinions are based on specs and the design. I haven’t tried these personally, but I know something about hardware and eye candy. Are you looking for cheaper laptops? Check this out: Cheap laptops with decent specs – How […]

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Cheap laptops with decent specs – How to find them

Do you want to know how to get cheap laptops with decent specs? Well you are in the right website. I will tell you exactly what you need to do when your budget is low and don’t want your laptop to be a complete potato. Cheap Laptops When you go to your nearest electronic store, […]