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Android Remote Administration Tool for Linux & Windows | AhMyth

This is a tutorial about AhMyth Android Remote Administration Tool for Linux and Windows. Here you will learn how to install it and use it. This could be a good tool for monitoring your minor child movements and actions with his/her mobile device. Note that even monitoring your kid might be illegal in your country. Be sure to check the laws first!

All credits go to AhMyth’s developers on GitHub.

Disclaimer: You can only use this tool to target your own devices. This websites admin(s) are not responsible for any illegal actions you might do with this tutorial. This tutorial is meant only for educational purposes.

You can install AhMyth on any Debian based Linux from the binaries (.deb package) or Windows. On this tutorial I will install and use it on Linux Mint.

AhMyth Android RAT features

With this Android remote administration tool you can do several things after setting it up correctly.

  • View the front or back camera of the device
  • Use file manager of the Android device
  • Record the Android devices microphone
  • Look up the location of your device
  • View the contacts, call logs and text messages

AhMyth Android Remote Administration tool installation

Let’s get started with the installation process of the AhMyth.
First step is to install it. Download it from GitHub. Be sure to pick the correct package for you. I will need to download the 64-bit Debian package, because my OS is 64-bit Debian based Linux Distribution.

Then, install it. On Windows it’s just clicking after clicking. With Linux Mint I could install it with GDebi installer, but I am going to show you how to install it in like Ubuntu, Kali or Debian. Open up the terminal and go to your downloads folder with it.

cd ~/Downloads

Then let’s install it with dpkg. You must do the command as super user.

sudo dpkg -i AhMyth_linux64.deb

I’m not sure if you face any depency errors, but if you get those you can run sudo apt-get -f install to most likely fix them. If you face any other problems, comment below and I’ll help you.

After installing it, you can just fire it up from terminal by typing ahmyth or find it from your applications menu.

Android RAT
This is how it should look.

AhMyth Android RAT Set Up

Now comes the hardest part of this tutorial setting up android remote administration tool, you will need to port forward your router to listen the right port. I suggest using the default port of the AhMyth, but you can change it if you know the port you’re choosing is not already in use. If you have dynamic IP Address, you might want to use service like No-IP to keep the connection up.
If you don’t want to port forward, you can use VPN service with port forwarding. I can give you one, it’s AirVPN.

I am not going to explain more about port forwarding, so if you don’t know anything about this, you’ll need to do some research yourself first. The Internet is full of tutorials for that.

Now, insert the IP address, or the domain you’ve set up to the IP address field in AhMyth. Also the port you’re using to the port field.

Android RAT

Then hit the build button. After building the apk, move it to your Android device and install it as any other application. You will just have to allow your Android device to install apps outside the Google Play.

You can find the apk file from /home/YOUR_USER/AhMyth

NOTE: If you get Adding source ip:port Failed error, open AhMyth as superuser. You can do it by typing sudo ahmyth on the terminal.

ahmyth android rat apk build
If your build succeeds, it will look like this.

Usage of The Android remote administration tool AhMyth

Open the other tab on your AhMyth Android remote administration tool and type the IP to the empty field and click on listen.
Your device should pop up there. If not, you may have done something wrong. Check that you’ve done everything correctly.

android remote administration tool
Click on the “Open The Lab” button to start playing with it.

Final words on Android Remote Administration tool for Linux & Windows

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you’ve found it helpful. Be sure to follow us on social media and show us some love by sharing this post! 🙂

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10 replies on “Android Remote Administration Tool for Linux & Windows | AhMyth”

You are in the wrong directory, try cd ~/Downloads

You can navigate to any folder with cd command.

What distro you’re using? You can try sudo apt -f install
You should get the depencies you’re missing when you get that error. List them here and I will try to help if that command does not help.

Listening on port=> 42474

but in victims lab box my phone is not showing.I’ve checkd my ip and port and its all ok.I’ve installed payload app on my device and opened it but not working.
plz help!!!!!!!
I’m using parrot sec os.
and also one thing ahmyth’s logo is not showing.

I am having the same issue, except on Windows 10. Victor, did you ever figure this out? I would appreciate any advice, thanks!

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