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Best gaming laptops 2018 | Based on specs and design

Best gaming laptops of 2018? Well these are something that are the best in my opinion. My opinions are based on specs and the design. I haven’t tried these personally, but I know something about hardware and eye candy.

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Best gaming laptops 2018 by Pengs.WIN!

So let’s get started straight away. These are not in any order.

MSI GE73VR Raider-003

MSI GE73VR Raider-003 17.3″ 120Hz 5ms Premium Gaming Laptop i7-7700HQ GTX 1070 8G 32GB 512GB SSD + 1TB Win10 Full Color Per Key RGB VR Ready

Price: 2,199$


Click the image to buy it from amazon 🙂

This is awesome laptop that looks like a damn beast. You can probably play anything with it, it is VR Ready with Full HD display and it costs less than MacBook Pro, so what are you waiting for? If this is not one of the best gaming laptops, then, what is?

Some specs

At least you don’t need to worry about any lagging.


This laptop needs no more introduction so let’s move on to the next one.

Here comes the second laptop on my best gaming laptops list.


MSI GT75VR TITAN PRO 4K-082 17.3″ 4K Display Extreme Gaming Laptop i7-7820HK GTX 1080 8G 64GB 1TB SSD + 1TB

Price: 4,099,99$

Click the image to buy from amazon! 🙂

Another awesome laptop, the specs are even better than the one above. This doesn’t look so good thought, just my opinion, this looks too heavy to me. The specs are really sick, and so is the price, you could run like 20 virtual machines at the same time with this thing. Or play three games same time. This is also VR Ready. No doubt that this is one of the best gaming laptops today.

Some specs


Final words on Best gaming laptops of 2018

Thank you for reading my post! I hope you have found it useful. I will add more laptops in the future and try to keep the post updated.

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