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Best Linux distributions 2018 – Beginners to experts

Best Linux distributions at the year 2018

I decided to list the best Linux distributions of the year 2018 based on my opinions and also facts. What should you try, what should you skip? Choosing the best Linux distribution for yourself can be very frustrating, that’s why I’m here to help. There is hundreds of Linux distributions listed at Distrowatch, and most of them are based on Debian and Arch Linux.

If you are just a beginner in the Linux world, and haven’t even decided to use Linux as your main operating system, you should read this – 25 Reasons to use Linux

Best Linux distributions for beginners

Here comes the best ones for beginners. You could also recommends these ones for the people that are totally brain dead when it comes to technical stuff, no offense to anyone, but some people are good at something and some are not, this is just the cruel fact of these things.

Linux Mint

Best Linux Distributions 2018 - Beginners
Mint with the Cinnamon desktop environment.

This distribution, Linux Mint 18.3 Sylvia is based on Debian and Ubuntu, which is based on Debian, what? Yes, it means that Linux Mint uses some of the Ubuntu repositories to download some packages.

On Linux Mint, you have a lot of great packages installed in the base system, almost nothing of them is useless. You have a lot of built-in customization options which can be all done with the graphical user interface without using command line at all. However, you can still use the terminal if you like to. If you would like to know more about Linux Mints built-in customization, you should check my another article – Things to do after installing Linux Mint 18.3.

In my opinion, Linux mint is one of the best Linux distributions for anyone. I was using a long time all the other distributions, started with Ubuntu back in the days, then moved to Debian and now I found Linux Mint, thought, I am not using the number one desktop environment they recommend which is Cinnamon, I am using MATE desktop. In my opinion, it is the best Linux Distribution. You may not agree with this, so let’s move on and check the other ones.


Best Linux Distributions 2018 - Beginners

Good old Ubuntu 12.04 with Unity Desktop environment

Ubuntu is also one of the best Linux distributions to start with. If you haven’t heard of Ubuntu, you should do more research. It’s a very stable and easy to use. On this Operating system like Mint, you do not need to use the terminal if you don’t like to. I still recommend to learn to use it, it is faster than any GUI if you know how to use terminal with the right commands.

I personally like Ubuntu very much and have used it a lot. If you do not want to customize everything and just get to know to Linux, you should give Ubuntu a try. At the time writing this, Ubuntu’s latest Long Term Support (LTS) system is 16.04. Pick that one if you are unfamiliar with Linux, so you probably won’t brake anything.

Manjaro Linux

Best Linux distributions 2018 - Beginners
GNOME Desktop Powered Manjaro Linux

The only distribution for beginners who want to learn Arch Linux. Manjaro is based on Arch Linux, and this is the one you should pick if you want to learn to use Arch and the pacman package manager. I have personally used this one a little bit with GNOME desktop and I think this is great. If I were an Arch Linux fan, I would probably use this, but I am more familiar with the Debian based distributions and apt package manager.

So, these were the Linux distributions I recommend for beginners, and also for those who do not want to hassle too much around with their operating system. The next ones coming up are for more experienced Linux users. You basically need to install everything and customize everything with command line. The good side on these are that you can make the system look like yourself.

Best Linux distributions for experienced users

So, remember, now comes the systems that you have to play a lot with, if you want to make it work for you. If you don’t like to hassle and spent hours in customizing, stick on those ones above.

Arch Linux

Best linux distributions 2018 - experienced users

The best system for the Do-It-Yourself people. If you want to make the system just like you and great for only you, and want to know everything about it then this is the one to take. You have to even make the system installation process with the command line. There is almost nothing built-in, but Arch Linux has awesome repositories.


Best Linux Distributions 2018 - experienced users

This is the system that I used when I wanted to make everything look like my own. There is a good base installer and some packages are already installed it, but still just a few. Debian is easy to customize if you are more familiar with Linux.
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Happy hunting and finding the right distribution for you!

Final words, Best Linux Distributions for 2018

I hope you enjoyed reading this post about best Linux distributions and found it helpful! Remember to follow us on every social media!

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