allows you to mine bitcoins with your browser

mining bitcoins browser

Ever heard about mining bitcoin with browser? I don’t know if this has happened before anywhere, but allows you now to mine Bitcoin with your browser. Sounds crazy, right? It uses your CPU to mine them so the income cannot be very big, but it’s still worth to try, why not? This was the result I got using my old Lenovo laptop (X220 with Intel i5 2520m). Just login to your account, or register and try it yourself. It won’t make you rich but you may try it…

Hiring authors, write for us, get paid in bitcoins!

Hello everyone! As you see in the post title, we are hiring authors! You can start writing for us if you fill the following terms. Requirements You’re interested in IT. Your english grammar is as good as mine or better. Computer Bitcoin address(You can make one for free at You know how to use WordPress or willing to self-learn Working internet connection What you’re not required Any experience at all To even tell your personal information, just nickname and bitcoin address I think that’s about it. Sounds good right?…

How to get free bitcoins – Up to 200 usd in BTC per hour!

How to get free bitcoins

How to get free bitcoins There are numerous of ways, for gaining bitcoins online. Today I will show you one where you can win up to 200$ in bitcoins every hour. If you do not have a BTC Wallet, you may create one in Blockchain. After having a wallet, register here. You will get 0.00000074 BTC – 0.07364041 BTC every hour just by solving captcha and one click after that. You can also gamble your BTC and win in their bitcoin lottery, everything for free!