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Cheap Europe VPS – As low as 1 euro a month

You will find a lot of VPS providers when searching the internet, most of them are very expensive.
This time I will show you how to get cheap europe VPS with very low budget.

From this site you will get a decent virtual server with many OS choices.

When you select annual payments, you will only pay 0,99 eur/month for their lowest plan.
Even with monthly payments, it is still only 1,99 eur/month.
You can pay with credit card, paypal or bitcoins.

Their servers are located in Europe, Lithuania.

They also provide us VPS servers made for storage, for not more than a 3 eur/month.

When you get yourself a VPS for any kind of use, I recommend Ubuntu 16.04 as an operating system, feel free to follow my tutorial: Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Setup

Time4VPS.EU - Cheap Europe VPS

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