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Cheap laptops with decent specs – How to find them

Do you want to know how to get cheap laptops with decent specs? Well you are in the right website. I will tell you exactly what you need to do when your budget is low and don’t want your laptop to be a complete potato.

Cheap Laptops

When you go to your nearest electronic store, you will find some cheap laptops yes, why not? But are they good enough for you? No. You can’t really find the device your looking for from your nearest electronic store. The perfect solution for getting cheap laptops, is to buy second hand business model laptops. Most of them also have very high security standards.

You might think that the hardware must be worse than newer laptops, no it’s not if we are looking at the same price range. You may check the CPU stats by Googling them, find a 300$ new laptop, check the processor and then compare it with like Intel i5 2520m or i7 1-3 generation processors.

The models you need to look for

The one above is Lenovo x220 with Intel i5 2520m. Guess how much it cost for me? Not over 200$. Well it came more expensive when I added 16GB Ram to it and installed mSata SSD there.
Best models for used business laptops are Lenovo X-series (X201, X220, X230 etc.), older Dell Latitude’s, HP EliteBooks, Fujitsu Lifebooks. Do some research depending on your budget, but I promise that you will find a very decent laptop with under 300$ if you just want to.

Why does it need to be a business model?

Simple answer to simple questions, the business models are more unlikely to break than the “market” models.

Where do I find these cheap laptops

Best international website to buy these is Amazon, no doubt. You may also find some from Ebay. Also there might be small companies in your country that sells these.
Best way to buy one locally is to use your countries local second hand selling site, like craigslist? I mean if your country has one. Happy hunting!

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