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How to disable Windows 10 Automatic Restart

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Disable Windows 10 Automatic restart

In this article, you will learn how to disable Windows 10 Automatic restart. This method will work also in Windows 10 Home, not just pro.
To make this thing work, you should be logged as administrator account to your Windows 10 System.

Step 1.

Click the search button in left bottom corner and type in "regedit" without quotes.
disable windows 10 auto restart pic 1

Step 2.

Head to this location:
Now right click on the folder called “Windows” and click "New" -> "Key" and name it as WindowsUpdate
Now right click the folder you just created "WindowsUpdate" and create a new key named "AU" without quotes.
Then right click the "AU" -> "New" -> "DWORD (32-bit) Value" named "AUOptions"
Modify "AUOptions" value by right clicking it. Change the value to "3", which means that Windows will automatically download updates, but it will not restart unless you decide to install the updates. You can also value it as "2", which means Windows will ask you also to download the updates.
After doing all those steps, regedits window should look like the picture below.
disable windows 10 auto restart pic 2

Step 3.

Now you can just restart your computer and check if it worked by going to Settings -> Advanced Options.
There should read "Some settings are managed by your organization"

Congrats, you have learned how to disable Windows 10 automatic restart.

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