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10 Great Gnome shell extensions to try | Gnome extensions

This post is all about making your desktop look fancy and that’s why I will recommend you some great Gnome shell extensions. I have also posted earlier about Gnome 3 desktop customization, be sure to check it out too. All these extensions are in Gnome extensions site. You can install them by one click with Firefox. Directly from the website. I’m using Debian 9 with highly customized setup, so you might run into some issues with some of these extensions. If you do, you can ask for help by commenting this post.

Main reason for writing this kind of post is because there are a lot of plugins that do not work, these all should work fine. Please let me know if something doesn’t work by commenting the post. Thanks!

You can customize some extensions by using the tweak tool in gnome.

An easy and elegant way to use your computer, GNOME 3 is designed to put you in control and get things done.

Gnome shell extensions to try today

I have linked the extension pages to the headers so you can easily find them.

Dash To Dock

I probably could not live without this extension. It’s totally awesome, I can make any kind of dock to my desktop. This is the most downloaded extension on the Gnome extensions website.

Open Weather

Display weather of your city on the top bar. You can customize all units and add multiple places if you like to. With my GTK theme it looks like on the image below.
open weather gnome shell extension


Moves your tray icons from under-left-corner to the top bar. I personally hated it when they were down there. You can see my three tray icons in that weather extensions image. That’s how it will look like if you install this extension.

No Top Left Hot Corner

This is another must have plugin. I was annoyed all the time because of this hot corner. Now I’m nothing but very happy that I got rid of it. If you don’t know what this hot corner means, move your mouse quickly to top left corner. Activities menu will show up. I did this accidentally all the time.


After installing this, you can make the animations quicker in Gnome. I use this and have set the animation speed to 0.5. You can adjust it in the tweak tool or click the settings icon on the extension page. You can also disable the animations on tweak tool, but not adjust their speed like with this extension.


A great extension for heat monitoring. Shows CPU temperature, disk temperature, video card temperature (NVIDIA/Catalyst/Bumblebee&NVIDIA), voltage and fan RPM.

Refresh WiFi Connections

Well, this is something that we all might need sometime. I have no idea why this is not built-in Gnome, it should. It’s probably waste of time to explain what that plugin does. You understood already, right?


If you’re used to keeping your panels down, this is one of your favorite Gnome shell extensions.

Public IP Address

Show your public IP, some connection informations, hostname, country. This is great if you’re using a VPN and want to keep it that way.

Instant working (Panic Button)

It’s your business what you’re doing with this extension 🙂 Install it, go to workspace 2, then put your mouse over the top bar and scroll. Boom you’re back at the workspace 1.

Gnome shell extensions, final words

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