Hiring authors, write for us, get paid in bitcoins!

Hello everyone!

As you see in the post title, we are hiring authors! You can start writing for us if you fill the following terms.


  • You’re interested in IT.
  • Your english grammar is as good as mine or better.
  • Computer
  • Bitcoin address(You can make one for free at blockchain.info)
  • You know how to use WordPress or willing to self-learn
  • Working internet connection

What you’re not required

  • Any experience at all
  • To even tell your personal information, just nickname and bitcoin address

I think that’s about it. Sounds good right? Well of course you want to know how you will earn bitcoins or what can you write about.

What can you write about?
You can write any articles related to something techy, like, Linux, Windows, Android, iOS, Hardware, Software or anything that comes to your mind. One thing you cannot do in any circumstances is malware sharing or illegal activities, you can write about hacking, but only ethical and target your own machines or virtual machines.
Look at our other posts for examples.

How will you earn?
You will earn by advertisements on your posts. Pengs.Win is currently using anonymous ads, so I will create personal ad unit for you and place it to all your posts, put your Bitcoin address there, so you will get payments directly from a-ads. Their minimum payment is 0,001 BTC, so you do not need to get huge amounts of traffic to get paid, their payments are being sent on daily basis.
Amount depends on the traffic on your post, so you will be able to generate traffic yourself by sharing the post anywhere you like and write good SEO content, so it will appear in google. We have a plugin that helps you to write great SEO content.

Why write for pengs.win and not start your own blog?

  • You don’t need to write all the time to keep your pages in good SEO state.
  • We are already in all search engines and generating SEO traffic and have a lot of attention in social media
  • I will share all your posts on all of our social media sites.
  • You don’t need to worry about hosting or security or anything else.
  • You can just write without any hassle.

How to get started?
Send an email to [email protected] with your wanted nickname, bitcoin address, and a little introduction about yourself that can be displayed on this page.
Also answer to the following questions:
What would you write about?
How would you advertise your posts, or would you just wait for SEO?
How many posts would you write, can you do at least one per week?
From this day (2nd of October 2017), you are also required to write a sample post for us, that can be published if you’re selected. Write a great article, and do your best, you can write it in email HTML or put it to PDF form. Since we have already hired a few great contributors, only the best ones will be picked out. If you haven’t wrote anything similar before, I encourage you to educate first a little bit, just by maybe Googleing a few things?

You will be writing as a “freelancer” so if you need to pay taxes for the income, you and yourself only are responsible for that or other similar things.

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