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Useful Linux apps for everyday use – For desktop use

Looking for Linux apps for everyday use?

Well here is some of them, linux apps for everyday use!



Free and very fast browser with built-in AdBlock and VPN, I’m personally using Opera and in my opinion, it is the best in stability and design.
Download Opera and install it by opening terminal and running the commands
cd ~/Downloads
sudo dpkg -i opera.deb (Switch the opera.deb to your downloaded file name)

Google Chrome

Fast and flawless browsing, eating your ram. Most people use Chrome and are very happy with it because they are used to it.
You can install it the same way as opera.

Mozilla Firefox

Great open source browser, pre-installed in almost every Linux distro. But on older computers, eat too much capacity with my own experiences.

Photo editors


My personal number one choice always for editing photos in Linux. Can do almost everything Photoshop does.
Free and open source.

For developers

Android Studio

Great IDE for making apps for Android.

Mono Develop

Another great developing IDE for Linux desktop.

Bluefish Editor

Great text editor for web development.


Pre-installed in GNOME and Unity. Great for fast text editing.

Will be adding more soon as long as I have time for that! 🙂 Thanks for reading.

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