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Parrot OS Installation on VMWare Workstation Player

Hello my friends, on this tutorial, I will show Parrot OS Installation process on VMWare Workstation Player. This tutorial assumes that you have got VMWare Workstation installed either on Windows or on Linux. Check out the first step of this tutorial if you don’t have VMWare installed.

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So, let’s get to the process.

Parrot OS Installation

Step one, downloading:
Download the Parrot OS .iso image from their website. I am going to download with torrent, but you can also use mirror links if you like. Choose the 64-bit image if you have 64-bit computer.
Parrot OS

After starting the download, go grab a cup of coffee or go to sleep, depending on your Internet speed. Get back here once the download has finished.

Step two, installing:

Open up your VMWare now. Select the location for Parrot OS .iso image.
Parrot OS Installation 2

Click next, and then choose “Linux” and “Debian 8.x 64-bit” (unless you downloaded the 32-bit version, then without 64-bit.)

Select your OS name and installation folder, I am just going to go with Parrot OS.

After that, select your disk mode and sized, I’m going to go with 30GB and single image file since I don’t need to move it fast anywhere.

Then you can increase the RAM and number of cores, I changed the RAM to 4096MB which is 4GB.

After doing everything, you can finish the installation and boot up the Parrot OS. Then click installation and after that, standard installation.

Then, I bet you can choose your language, locales etc and passwords yourself. Do it till you get to the disk partitioning. Then select Guided – Use entire disk.

Select all files in one partition, if you have no idea what you’re doing.

Write the changes to disk and wait for the file copying process, and grub installation to complete.

When it asks this, select yes.

And select the device.

Now your installation should be complete! Just press continue.

Now let it reboot and then log in with your user and password.

You might want to make the screen bigger so click “System” on top bar, and then “Control center”, “Displays” from there and choose a bigger screen resolution and press apply. Now you can see a little better.

Summary for Parrot OS Installation

Awesome, you’ve learned how to install Parrot OS. Happy playing with it!
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