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Remove all games from GNOME 3, Debian GNU/Linux

Remove all games from GNOME 3

Hello everyone, just installed Debian Strecth with GNOME 3 and noticed that I could not find anything (for Debian) Gnome 3 game removal.

So what I did, I manually removed them with their package names.

Just run these two commands as root and you get rid of them.
(I’m just using sudo, if you don’t have sudo, just type su on terminal)

sudo apt-get purge gnome-2048 aisleriot atomix gnome-chess five-or-more hitori iagno gnome-klotski lightsoff gnome-mahjongg gnome-mines gnome-nibbles quadrapassel four-in-a-row gnome-robots gnome-sudoku swell-foop tali gnome-taquin gnome-tetravex

sudo apt-get autoremove

You have just deleted the all games from GNOME 3. I hope you have found this useful.

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2 replies on “Remove all games from GNOME 3, Debian GNU/Linux”

Thank you so much for writing this article. It was much needed. I performed the same commands in debian 10 and they worked flawlessly.

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