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Software alternatives for Linux & Windows – Open Source

You’re probably looking for common Windows software alternatives for Linux. Or perhaps just open source alternatives for Windows software? Now you might be asking yourself: Why can’t I just pirate everything and use the paid programs? If you did, ask yourself this question: Why wouldn’t I help the open source developers by using their software […]

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Cheap laptops with decent specs – How to find them

Do you want to know how to get cheap laptops with decent specs? Well you are in the right website. I will tell you exactly what you need to do when your budget is low and don’t want your laptop to be a complete potato. Cheap Laptops When you go to your nearest electronic store, […]

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Install Instagram on Linux – Ramme, unofficial instagram for Linux

Hey guys, I just found this great Instagram client for Linux and wanted to share it with you, this post will teach you how to Install Instagram on Linux. I hope you will find this post useful. How to install Instagram on Linux Okay, let’s get to the installing. Head to GitHub page for ramme […]

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25 Reasons to use Linux

Reasons to use Linux | Why choose Linux? | Windows vs Linux? MacOS vs Linux? You can find a ton of articles about reasons to use Linux. Now let us list a ton of those reasons, they are not in any kind of order. 1. Load of different distributions to choose from There is no […]

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Scan open ports with Nmap and install latest version of Nmap

Install latest version of Nmap and scan for open ports with Nmap Hello guys, in this tutorial I will explain how to install latest version of Nmap and scan open ports with nmap of a remote server or computer. Requirements – Linux – A Remote server or machine for scanning, I will be using Nmaps […]

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Free website traffic – By running one lightweight software

How to get free website traffic Today I will show you, how to get free website traffic to your blog or website. We will be using traffic exhange site called HitLeap. Just sign up on their website, add your site in the settings and start running traffic on your computer with their software. You can […]