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Create bootable USB on Linux terminal

On this tutorial we will create bootable USB on Linux terminal. Distribution I will be using is Debian 9, but this method should work on almost any distro. Stick in your USB drive and make sure it has enough space to extract your .iso file whatever it is. I’m going to use debian.iso as example. […]

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Linux commands that every Linux user should know

Here are the Linux commands that everyone who uses Linux, should know, and if not should learn them. I will not explain everything they can do, just the most relevant things very briefly. Please let me know if I should add anything! 🙂 Commands apt-get Debian based distributions package manager to install softwares or update […]

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How to install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 16.04 VPS

A quick guide on “How to install LAMP Stack on Ubuntu 16.04 VPS [PHP, MYSQL, APACHE2] Done this yet? You should do it before you install LAMP stack on Ubuntu Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Setup Update your package list and install Apache2 sudo apt-get update sudo apt-get install apache2 Open up /etc/apache2/apache2.conf with your favorite text […]

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Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Setup – Easy step by step guide

What to do after buying an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS? Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Setup Lets get to Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Setup. First of all of course, you should login to your server. With windows you can use PuTTy, with linux, open terminal and type in ssh root@your_server_ip After that, we will create a new user and […]