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Tips on staying anonymous online – VPN | TOR | Security

On this post, you will learn some tips on staying anonymous online. Staying anonymous online has become a lot harder than we could imagine, your every step is being tracked and logged. Your personal data is been collected all the time by the big companies and governments. Well, here is some tips that can help you prevent that.

Let me remind you that all our posts are only made for testing / educational purposes. Do not do anything illegal or you may end up in jail. You and only yourself, are responsible about the stuff you do online.

1. Use a VPN that doesn’t log anything
Choose a VPN for yourself, there is a lot of free VPN’s but most of them log your usage for sometime. It’s good to have something that is being managed correctly, so I really recommend putting some money in it. Just as one example for VPN that does not keep any logs is AirVPN. You can also pay it with bitcoins, so no need to worry about payment details being leaked somewhere you don’t want them to.

A VPN based on OpenVPN and operated by activists and hacktivists in defence of net neutrality, privacy and against censorship.

2. Isolated environment
When you don’t want your personal data being tracked, don’t use it and use an isolated environment, when doing some things that you don’t want to be released under your name, like Linux from usb, entirely another computer or a virtual machine. There you can create another personality for yourself.

3. Browsers and extensions
Don’t use Google Chrome. Just don’t. It’s a great browser, but if you need to stay anonymous, don’t you use it. Use Firefox, Opera or Chromium (maybe).
Install helpful plugins like NoScript and HTTPS Everywhere.
Modify the cookie and history settings, don’t save anything.

4. Use prepaid internet connection
If possible in your country, buy a prepaid internet 4g sim card with cash and use that only for your anonymity needs, and change it frequently.

5. Cover your webcam and microphone
If you use a laptop, cover your webcam and microphone, at least if you’re using Windows. We will never know everything, so that’s why you should do it.

6. Use search engines that don’t track you
Like DuckDuckGo. Google will always be the best in searching things, in my opinion, but it will never help your anonymity in any way.

7. Tails / TOR
If you want to go hardcore, you should try to boot Tails from an usb stick. Tails is a Linux live distribution based on Debian and it runs all network throught Tor.
Download Tails
Create bootable USB on Linux terminal
If you’re just looking to browse the world wide web anonymously, you can use Tor Browser, it’s slow but keeps you anonymous, and it’s completely free.

Last words: Tips on staying anonymous online

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