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Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Setup – Easy step by step guide

What to do after buying an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS? Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Setup

Lets get to Ubuntu 16.04 VPS Setup. First of all of course, you should login to your server. With windows you can use PuTTy, with linux, open terminal and type in

ssh root@your_server_ip

After that, we will create a new user and add it to “sudoers” group so we do not have to use root. You should never login with root remotely because it is a great security risk for your server.

Replace “yourusername” with the username of your choice

adduser yourusername
usermod -aG sudo yourusername

Additional security: Disable root login

Open file /etc/ssh/sshd_config with your favorite text editor, I will be using nano. You can install it by typing apt-get install nano

nano /etc/ssh/sshd_config

Find the following line: PermitRootLogin yes, change it to no

Press CTRL+X -> Y -> Enter to save the file.

Now you should login with the new user and start doing what you’re going to do.

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